Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Last Thursday I attended a session where Russell Brebner demonstrated the new updates to the Umajin software. If you haven't had a look at this NZ made application, you just wont know what you are missing. This creative publishing tool is so user friendly and loads of fun, ideal for primary aged children and a great introduction to such things as blue or green screening etc. It encourages exploration and creativity. For more details and to download a free 30 day trial click on: http://www.umajin.com/static/default.htm Good pricing makes this affordable and well suited to the school environment.

In our earlier discussions Gabi mentioned a concern regarding a compatibility problem with the video cards installed in the computers at Paengaroa. Thanks Gabi. This may not apply to your school computers and it would pay to check it out. There is a tool on the website which checks the compatibility of your computer with the software, during the 'trial' download.

I have invited Russell to join in this discussion so please add any questions you may have to this posting. That way we can all benefit from the dialogue.

It will also be worthwhile following it up if you are going to Ulearn. Umajin will be there. Have a play. It is great fun. So innovative!



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