Monday, August 23, 2010

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do


At Ewan McIntosh’s session. Thanks to Southwell

Creativity x Organisation = Impact

Are we asking he right questions?

How important is organisation?

Creativity x No Organisation = No Impact

Creativity x 50% Organisation = Increased Impact


Finishing off today with Ewan McIntosh

What are my Takeaways from my day?

# The 100 Hour Challenge

100 hours equates to an hour a day for 3 months

I need to identify the

“Extraneous Pillars” – what are the blockers

“My Desires and Passions” – what will inspire me to succeed

“My Aspirations” – how will it help me move forward in a direction of my instigation

Note – The 100 Hour Challenge can not be to do with work!!

I need to share this so that others can see that I am doing this.

Send email to if the following avenues have not helped –


# Subscribe to

A great blog to inspire

# Work to have Ewan spend time in Rotorua next year.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Top Ten Reasons as seen by Tony Karrer, spiced with a nice piece of humour
What from your own experience would you add to the list?


I have just read Sam's blog post "To Blog Or Not To Blog"

Sam is an 11 year old kid

"who’s really tall and loves to sing, act, have fun, play sports and video games, and read the Warriors series but now more the Twilight saga. Blogging is important to me because I love to write and I like to have a place to vent my feelings about things and let others know what is happening to people in other places. I read alot so I will probably have lots of book reviews"

Wow! His post has almost reduced me to tears.

Here are my thoughts -

Wow Sam! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts as you have. You see, I work with teachers. Many of them do not value the role of blogs as a learning tool. They will use books without question but blogs – Heck No!! The problem for most I dare to say is that they are not bloggers themselves. They have not experienced the power of being connected, actively involved, confident collaborators who use online tools to connect to a real audience, who write for a real purpose and gain feedback from the global network they are connected to. So how do we get them to see this? How do we shift then into the 21st C?

At the moment one school principal has prescribed that classes have to have a blog or wiki. His reasoning for this is that parents need to connect with the classrooms. Most parents work and so don’t get in during school hours. While this is an admirable reason it does not go far enough. It says nothing about the power of the blog as a tool to advance the students learning and connectedness. It says nothing about the value of a blog over a book, the later being an increasingly outdated tool in which students are pushed and pulled into, expected to write in and which no-one else sees, and which at the end of the day goes into a dark cubbyhole, alone, unopened, unread and where there is no-one to respond.

It was great to have the opportunity to vent - to respond. In doing so, at the very least I feel that someone may hear my concerns and understand what I am saying – especially as they don’t seem to have heard in the immediate world I live in and work in.

If the rate of change outside your organization

is greater than the rate of change inside your organization,

the end is in sight.

- Jack Welch

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"If the rate of change outside your organization is greater than the rate of change inside your organization, the end is in sight. - Jack Welch


Stephen Covey has a 4-quadrant time management model that actually got me interested in thinking about how I manage my time.

steven covey, seven habits, time management

Covey spends a lot of time working with this model and emphasising that we need to aim to spend our time in Quadrant II. This is where you deal with things that are important to your values and goals, but that are not urgent. "If we don't practice Habit 2, if we don't have a clear idea of what is important, of the results we desire in our lives, we are easily diverted into responding to the urgent".

Stephen Covey's quote comes to mind

"We can never really change someone; people must change themselves. We can help. We can be a resource. We can nurture, encourage and support."

Monday, June 28, 2010


Have you got a blogger account?
If you have then you need to hear about Posterous.
Posterous makes blogging ridiculously easy.

Fancy emailing your blog article directly to your blog from your email package? I have done it and it works! It makes posting so much easier.

I signed up for my own posterous account at
All you need to do is email a message or article to

In return you will receive an email from Posterous with a link to follow.

You then log into your posterous account using your email address.

I set up the posterous account to "autopost" to my blogger account.
I could also get it to post to Facebook, twitter etc. Not sure about Classblogmeister but I'll try that out too.

simply attached sound files (podcasts), photos and images, urls, video etc. to an email addressed to and they all arrived in my blogger article posting. See below

When I got the time I was able to go in to my blogspot article in blogger and edit the published blog article just to make it look a little neater but that is not absolutely necessary

I even set my i-phone up with PicPosterous. Now I can send photos and articles to my blog straight from my phone. See the Pikowai one below.

Try posterous.
It does make blogging easier.

A Tip from Another Posterous User -

Finish you email with a hash # followed directly with the word end (no spaces).

This prevents extra bits from your email account being added to your blog article e.g. your signature, contact detail etc.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Superb - It worked in an instant.
Tricia will love this.
I understand I can send
- Hyperlinks
- Images simply by adding them to the email as attachments
- Sound files too by adding as an attachment - hear it below
- Videos just by adding the URL - Like this

Let's see.....

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OK - Here goes. I am uploading this to my blog via email. Will also be trying to do this via my iphone. Tips welcome.

I just don't seem to find the time I need to blog on this site. I value reflection and the storage of my thoughts for revisiting at a later time. However travelling in a car so much and increasing hours of activity is stifling my activity. A handy pen plucked from the visor of my car is replacing the blog article, resulting in the back of my hand being covered in ink most days. Useful though as my jottings then need to be actioned before my hands are next plunged into water.

If I can post directly from my outlook express it means I can jot my thoughts down while offline.

Let's see how this works.

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