Monday, June 28, 2010


Have you got a blogger account?
If you have then you need to hear about Posterous.
Posterous makes blogging ridiculously easy.

Fancy emailing your blog article directly to your blog from your email package? I have done it and it works! It makes posting so much easier.

I signed up for my own posterous account at
All you need to do is email a message or article to

In return you will receive an email from Posterous with a link to follow.

You then log into your posterous account using your email address.

I set up the posterous account to "autopost" to my blogger account.
I could also get it to post to Facebook, twitter etc. Not sure about Classblogmeister but I'll try that out too.

simply attached sound files (podcasts), photos and images, urls, video etc. to an email addressed to and they all arrived in my blogger article posting. See below

When I got the time I was able to go in to my blogspot article in blogger and edit the published blog article just to make it look a little neater but that is not absolutely necessary

I even set my i-phone up with PicPosterous. Now I can send photos and articles to my blog straight from my phone. See the Pikowai one below.

Try posterous.
It does make blogging easier.

A Tip from Another Posterous User -

Finish you email with a hash # followed directly with the word end (no spaces).

This prevents extra bits from your email account being added to your blog article e.g. your signature, contact detail etc.

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