Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Our cluster is half way through its contract. As a cluster facilitator I am always looking at how we can improve and sustain the learning community that has developed. To do this I think it is worthwhile to consider two major questions:
- What do you think makes a good learning community?
- What are the strengths that we want to see continue?
Would value your thoughts


Pam said...

I have enjoyed the cluster share sessions and it is interesting tosee what is happening in other schools. It is certainly easier to talk to other teachers face to face than sharing on the net but that is still a good option with busy schedules.

We are finally getting networked so it will be easier to try out some of the ideas that I have encountered in the last year or so. There are so many possibilities and directions to take.

With such a high turnover in staff at Maketu it is hard to keep the momentum going in the school. Equipment failure continues to be a stumbling block as well. Still a lot of learnign has taken place and the kids are as enthusiastic as ever!

Lorraine said...

Hi Pam, aren't the cluster shares progressing well. We are such a talented group and a growing group of passionate practitioners, I think.

I think it is timely to reflect on how the use of ICTs are impacting into our teaching practices - Is there a change happening?

Email learning projects like Travel Buddies provide real life, authentic contexts for learning: about others; ourselves; and literacy. Is this better than writing in a book?

Is the distributed expertise that is occurring throughout the cluster an example of what can happen in a classroom and school setting? With everone being a leader? Building the experts, to teach others? We all learn so much more deeply if we are given the opportuntiy to teach.

How does the role of the teacher change? Have you noticed becoming the planner, facilitator, guide on the side, questioner, mentor rather than the instructor.

Teaching Just In Time instead of Just In Case?

Scaffolding the process clearly so learners can adopt the steps and use them independently?

A value on the processes of learning not just the product?

Hmm, a move toward Inquiry Learning?

Pam said...

i am doing much more inquiry with younger children and they are lapping it up. Some of the brighter ones are particularly taken by the thinking hats. Keeping an eye on the revised blooms is good during planning to add depth to the activites presented.

finding time to give practical help to other teachers can be a mission but it is worthwhile as it adds to my understanding as well.

Lorraine said...

Pam, I totally agree with your comments. Thank you.


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