Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pam raised the issue of Staff Changes and how they affect a Cluster's direction within a school....

How good it is that you are there helping push the barrow at Maketu, Pam. High staff turn over is certainly a stumbling block for ongoing development and innovation. Changes in Principals during a contract like ours can also have a backward step although this hasn't been the case at all in our cluster fortunately.

For the new members, it takes time to settle in, read the situation and link into an existing vision. That's why our cluster and a school's vision for learning is so important. When the vision is an active work in progress, understood and owned by all, it is easy to merge the new in "like a zip".

The vision is the greater entity, needs to be flagged at the interview stage and again during the process. If you have seen the school's ICT Plan, this is clearly flagged under Staff Capability. Incoming staff can be asked to contribute into the journey to assist the vision being realised.

Would love to hear from people on the following:

- How active is your school’s vision?

- What is it and how was it formed?

- How do you as a learning community discuss it?

- When is it reviewed?


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