Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The 2006 WinTec Challenge is on again for students in Year 4,5 & 6
When - Tuesday 14th November, 10 am to 2.30pm
Where - Wintec, Hamilton

Using MS PowerPoint teams will be challenged to retell fairy tales. Each team can take a collection of photo images that they have prepared. These images must include at least 3 different endings to their story.

The expectation is that students will already know how to use PowerPoint, and in particular to:
  • Insert Images
  • Insert sound files
  • Record narrations
  • Time presentations
  • Complete custom animations
  • Include appropriate slide transitions
  • Insert and use action buttons

There will be prizes for the top efforts

To enter your school team, email before October 31st. There is a limit of 30 teams. If there are spaces available after Nov 4th, a second team will be allowed from schools. I wonder if we can ask to go on the waiting list for our 2nd teams. May pay to have one ready and waiting in the wings in case of sickness etc.

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