Sunday, April 29, 2007


Thanks to Gordon Brune who posted this link in an email, I have downloaded a handy and free spell checking programme that allows you to spell check those text input boxes while in Internet Explorer.

IE SPELL works with Internet Explorer and provides a spell checking tool to use on your web box entries and responses. e.g. blog comments, web mail. It is easy to use and installs easily. To download, click the hyperlink at the start of this paragraph or on this:

Thank you Gordon. It will be a handy tool.


Mr Harrington said...

Hi Lorraine, it's good to make yet another link to New Zealand - I found your site very interesting particularly the points about assessment AS learning and i hope that you won't mind me using some of your ideas on my site here in Wales (UK).

Lorraine said...

Hi Paul, Wow! How exciting. I would love to have you use them and any feedback or comments would be highly valued.

Best wishes


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