Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have been zapped back into of my own blog and today made it happen! Day 2 at Learning At School has been inspirational. The day started with a good chuckle or three with Allanah King and a brief conversation with Rachel Boyd at the Bloggers Cafe. I seem to be trailing Rachel today! We have just attended an e-portfolio session with a dynamic duo from Bucklands Beach. Lenva and Gail are inspirational in their passion for a learning dimension which truly engages our children's reality. E-portfolios in their hands are alive and hosted via an ever growing range of tools (web 2.0). Check out E-portfolios which are rich real and relevant and add new dimensions to learning for all stakeholders. Building these records upon Web 2.0 foundations supports manouverability of data, multiple ways of knowing, and multimedia pathways for expressing what we know. Paper seems so redundant. Wikis, blogs, podcasts, vidcasts combine with voice thread, sketchcast, ToonDoo voki ,slide and a vast and ever growing array of web tools have so much to offer. (Fancygens for headings). Exciting times and a great way to start a new cluster. Check out Ellen's portfolio and other's.


Rachel Boyd said...

Great to finally meet you Lorraine.. funny that even though you were right in front of me for a wee while neither of us made the connection of who we were lol!
I've enjoyed my workshops during the conference and the eportfolios one confirmed the direction my school is going so well worth attending.
Catch you around :)

AllanahK said...

The whole L@S thing is a wonderful experience both in the learning you do and the people you meet.

I will check out the e-portfolios. My only criticism of the conference is that you can't do everything. We rely on others to fill in our gaps.

Check your blogging help efforts on my blog.

Thank You


Simon said...

Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself.. ships in thnight I guess.

Thanks for the links to e-portfoilios. It's something I'm really needin to look at in the naxt few months.

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Anonymous said...

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