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I find this table (below) very interesting, particularly the "permanence of learning" row. I know what I am striving for... and it does seem to reinforce my previous postings. Is pedagogy a blst from the past and should it stay there?




Demands of learning

Learner must balance life responsibilities with the demands of learning.

Learner can devote more time to the demands of learning because responsibilities are minimal.

Role of instructor

Learners are autonomous and self directed. Teachers guide the learners to their own knowledge rather than supplying them with facts.

Learners rely on the instructor to direct the learning. Fact based lecturing is often the mode of knowledge transmission.

Life experiences

Learners have a tremendous amount of life experiences. They need to connect the learning to their knowledge base. They must recognize the value of the learning.

Learners are building a knowledge base and must be shown how their life experiences connect with the present learning.

Purpose for learning

Learners are goal oriented and know for what purpose they are learning new information

Learners often see no reason for taking a particular course. They just know they have to learn the information.

Permanence of learning

Learning is self-initiated and tends to last a long time.

Learning is compulsory and tends to disappear shortly after instruction.

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bigmrjosh said...

Why is the life experiences portion of androgyny whited out?


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