Saturday, February 24, 2007


Have you thought of having your own interactive class webpage? One where each student can post their own reflections and learning blogs? One where you as the teacher can oversee the content?

Classblogmeister, David Warlick's online blogging tool, is designed for schools with the safety features in mind. This site is amazing and allows everyone in your class to create your own learning blogs, build partnerships and respond with other classes and teachers online.

Let's face it, our kids are doing it anyway (beebo, myspace etc) but they have been given few if any guidelines to using this new media. Make the best of both worlds and use their tools within an educational setting to provide a platform which is rich, real and relevant.

I have this blog already but classblogmeister seems ideal for a classroom forum. Each person in your class can have an online presence which allows everyone to read and write with the world. This is an exciting platform to support your class learning and would be my most favourite find this year. Thanks to Tom and Jody for introducing it to me. Take a look at their class blog sites:

- Jody's Year One site:

- Tom's site:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Tom and I really enjoyed the owrkshop and sharing classblogmeister with others who could see its potential too. Best wishes
Jody Hayes

Lorraine said...

You were great Jody - I just loved the way you are incorporating the students' blogs into your learning programe. The internet has gone from content to conversations which opens up so many new and exciting opportunities. Such potential too!

Anonymous said...

Conversations are the powerful element. Potential only limited by the users imagination - exciting isn't it!


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