Sunday, February 25, 2007

Learning At School

For those of us fortunate enought to attend this conference, what was the highlight for you? To post your comments to this posting, or any others, just click on the comment link below the relevant posting.


Moturoa said...

We must have been in the same room learning about Blogmeister at Learningatschool!!!

I stumbled across your blog as you do through a help in Blogmeister. We have just started one as well but haven't used it as a class yet as we just haven't had the time. Maybe bext week.

The best thing I think was talking with Dave Warlick and the joys of RSS. Just great at pulling Web2.0 together at your fingertips.

Great blog BTW. I will add it to my aggregator!

Allanah K

Lorraine said...

Kia Ora Allanah - Great to hear from you. Perhaps we even sat near one another at Tom's and Jody's session. I am so thankful I attended it!

I regret not going to David Warlick's session on RSS. A missed opportunity!! I'm still trying to get my head around it all as I stumble along and try to piece it all together. However, from the little I know I just love its potential.

You have an aggregator?? Tell me more..

Will go now and check out your site. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll call in again soon.

Best Wishes


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