Sunday, June 01, 2008


I wish that I made reading other's blogs more of a priority. I learn so much from others...

I have made a resolve that when I do drop by another's blog that I let them know. Recently I found out from a colleague that they regularly visited a wiki I had created and, because I had bumped into them and we were talking on the subject, they told me how helpful the resource had been to them and those around them, that they had used it for this and that...

Well, How good was that?! I was stoked. Yet, do you know that I was thinking that the time taken had been wasted. I was considering pulling the plug on it?

A strange feeling came over me. I felt like someone had come into my home, ignoring me while they did a quick flick around, their eyes glinting as they took out all that could have been purposeful and then left without even saying hello. As I considered this strange feeling, I have resolved to say hello as often as I can to those whose blogs I visit, to acknowledge how they have made a difference. And on that note I am off to add a comment to
Konrad Glogowski


Jody Hayes said...

Hi Lorraine ... I read your blog and find it most helpful/useful!

Anne said...

Hi Lorraine,

This is great work that you are doing! Thanks for sharing your reflection pieces on your wiki. Last year I blogged with an elementary class ( and this year I'm in the process of writing up the results. It is exciting. I posted about you today on my blog at

Maybe we can connect next year as I will be returning to an elementary school for another project!


Kim Pericles said...

Hello Lorraine,
Loved this post - it hit close to home, I'm guilty of reading too many blogs and not saying "hello".
Thanks for your wonderful blog and thoughts, I've linked into your wikis too - they are really helpful, interesting and motivating.
Keep up the inspiring work :)
Kim Pericles

Jeanette said...

Tean koe e hoa

Greetings my wonderful friend. I'm in Hamilton at the moment, did a presentation for a GdiTE paper and met Andrea who spoke highly of you and also quoted three words you often speak about with regard to experiences - rich, real and relevant. She got me thinking too about my own wikispace that needs a little T.L.C. I take on board your comment about visiting other colleagues 'spaces' and leaving comments. Thank you for always being there for me. Jeanette

Lorraine said...

Jeepers, how I love being part of this learning community. Thank you so very much for your thoughts.

Anne, I would love to connect with an online learning project and one that involves a class of students would be superb. I believe we all learn as much if not more about ourselves during these interactions as we do about each other. Thank you for the invitation, Anne. I look forward to hearing more. We are beginning to use Skype a lot more now too and the kids just love the f2f interaction with their buddies around the globe.

Jody I am ever grateful to you. You introduced me to Classblogmeister and it has been such a great tool. Your support has been a major factor since. Talk about a ripple on effect. You should see what our classes are doing now - and all from the one workshop you and Tom reached out to do. You are a gem!

Kim, I am so glad that you find the wikis useful too. I'd love you to join, contribute and become an active part of that environment. We can all learn so much from one another. Great to have you pop by and say hello. I will reciprocate too. Thank you. 8^>

Jeanette, great to hear from you. Isn't it good that we have kept in touch since our time together way back when... I wonder where we will all be in another 10 years time... I am so glad I did GDITE and hope you get as much out of it as I did. I loved it so much that I went on and did way more papers than the course requirement. I loved the way they related directly into my practice and challenged and helped sort out my thinking. The networking with so many like minded people was also a buzz, especially so 10 or so years ago when for many this was all a foreign land. Keep up the great work I know you are doing in your community.

Cola said...

Hi Lorraine. Found your blog tonight and am enoying reading it. I'm new to blogging and have been having a blast reading and contributing to blogs. I am also finding out that you come across many of the same people out here in blogosphere. Something I didn't expect to find. I look forward to exploring your blog more and checking out you wiki. Kia Ora Cola.

Janet Blaauw said...

Yep, Yep, Yep...Hey I have to be honest, lol...I often have a look at others blogs and do not leave a comment! Naughty huh? What you said really challenged me and from now on I will leave a comment when I look on other's is interesting that when I see how many people have looked on Kool Kowhai Blog, but no comments are made, how let down the children and I feel. Thanks so much for your work on this ICTPD blog...I do come and visit all the time for now promise to leave a comment.
Janet Blaauw


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