Friday, June 20, 2008


Have just facilitated a workshop on ICT Infused Inquiry with Gail (National Library) at the Waimarino cluster conference. Thoroughly enjoyed it and think those who attended did too. Had thought I would return to Rotorua afterwards but realised that would be crazy so have joined Allanah's workshop on podcasting. As often happens I am off on a tangent and exploring ways of recording Skype conversations for editing and playback so we can revisit some of the great learning conversations we are having in class. Searching the net I have come across these:

Pretty May is absolutely free download tool which records both incoming and outgoing conversations as .wav or .mp3 files. The maximum recording time is 30 minutes.

Pamela 2.0 Professional: Downloadable - $24.95 Download

You can use Zamzar to convert your photostory to a version that can be uploaded into podomatic. Zamzar uses 4 easy steps.
  1. Select the file or URL
  2. Choose the format to convert to
  3. Enter your Email
  4. Click convert. You will receive an email with the link that you can go to to download the converted file There is an amazing resource of music here and all royalty free.

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Anonymous said...

Just got home safe and sound. The Waimarino thing was great. Nice to be home gain though.

Enjoyed Neil's keynote.

Allanah K


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