Tuesday, September 16, 2008


How prepared are we in schools to learn to change and change to learn?

This video reminds me that as we point the finger there are always three pointing back at us. So how am I letting go and what am I grabbing hold off? I remember a few years back, three to be precise, I consciously handed over the last links of the "old ways" concern and grabbed hold of a 100% utmost faith in our students. This has become my navigation tool. I know I have a lifetime of attitudes to re-examine but through it I will hold firm to the belief in our children.

How many of your school would have buy in to these changes?

How many of us have our children write a report on how we are teaching or facilitating learning for them? If we don't do this, how do we know if what we are doing in our classes or schools is transferrable in the lives of our students or what makes learning good for them?

For those who have gone beyond paying lipservice to the change at a primary school level (aged 5-12 years), what has really changed for you, for your students?

And just where do teachers go to connect learning environments for themselves, for their primary aged students?

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