Thursday, April 02, 2009


Here I am at Owhata School and loving it! I always feel so inspired when talking to Trish. The learning focus she has is wonderful!! I love listening to the enthusiasm and passion, Trish's reflections and ponderings as she shares her progress with her Junior class. I just can't get enough!!!! Trish is going to become a blogger too so others will get to feel inspired along with me which is great news. I'll post Trish's URL up here when we get going.... so watch this space!

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Tricia said...

I am at Rotorua Girls High Early Childhood centre with a group of ECE teachers learning about blogging and e-portfolos. The teachers here are just like us in our cluster -learning and sharing together. Do we share across clusters? - their facilitator is Sharon Carlson as I think to see their session would be great for people interested in blogging/e- portfolios. If primary school teachers often moan about what intermediate don't do, you should see what ECE teachers and children (and whanau) do with ICT. The staff presenting today did so at U -Learn also.


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