Saturday, April 25, 2009


Wow Wow Wee!!! Thanks to Twitter I've linked to this great tool. It is still in its beta site and because of this free at this stage.

Watch the video below and see why I'm excited.

Make your own mini-movie using avatars in four easy steps and all for free.

XtraNormal - great for creative writing, sequencing, structure and just having fun. Have students create their own show complete with camera angles and attitude. Story board first is a recommendation.

Don't let the kids have all the fun - go on in and make one to show them too. You'll have fun!


I'm off to add it to the Digital Story Telling Page on our RELLco wiki
Shows how helpful a tweet can be.

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Tessa Gray said...

Hi Lorraine, this is a great tool and I saw it being used by Heath Sawyer at the opening of the Matamata Cluster launch, which was cool. I made an example to share in the ICT PD newsletter, but it wouldn't embed for me, maybe because it's still in the BETA form. Thanks for the other tips also.


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