Friday, March 23, 2007

aka "Pukehina Reaches Out Into The Community" -

This was the focus of a great night out for 30 - 40 people from around our community as Pukehina School reached out to share learning wider afield. There was a great mix of people and their involvement and questions showed how much they cared about their children's education. Very proud of what is happening in the school, Pukehina stimulated ideas and questions as they shared the new learning dimmensions that our happening in our schools.

Cherie introduced the staff and talked with warmth about the school's vision for learning. Pukehina PROUD features strongly in all that they do. I shared a little of the history of schools, the cluster developments and the impact of ICT in my focus on "How Education Today Has Changed Since Our School Days". Grace shared how she uses the Interactive White Board in the Junior School. Parents found the hands on session quite scary at first but stepped up to the mark and took the risks involved, enjoying the same activities that their children do. John shared his humour and enthusiasm in "How Teachers and Children Use Learning Intentions and Success Criteria" to focus learning. achievement and evaluation. The evening was interspersed with hands on games, interactive activities and spot prizes to keep us active. Lots of questions were generated which made for stimulating discussion. Bronwyn took us through some challenging maths activities which helped us all realise that our children are getting a great education, one that focuses on individual maths learning needs and helps each child to understand the math processes and have fun at the same time. Helen, from the school's BoT then rounded off the evening and further small group discussions, all positive, continued.

Yep we all went back to school and it was great! Parents, grandparents and others realised that it is no longer about how much or how neatly you write in your school books - but what difference our learning actually makes to each of us and to those around us. Congratulations Pukehina. This was a great idea which has certainly made a posotive difference to all who attended - and I am sure to those around them too :->


Allanah said...

That sounds like a really great idea to stimulate parental involvement and participation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, It was a wonderful experience for the Pukehina teachers. We have had loads of feedback from parents and the community. We have even heard quotes like, "If I school was like this when I went to school, I would have learnt something!"

Parents were really interested in the change that has occurred over the last 20 years, with many asking for the notes from Lorraine's presentation.

The parents really enjoyed the hands-on opportunities of the interactive whiteboards, particularly when they got to use them in the learning context of Maths.

The interest in Learning Intentions and Success Criteria was huge. We almost need to do a presentation on that alone!

A great night, and we will be doing it again... soon!

Thanks for your fantastic presentation Lorraine.

The Pukehina Staff :)

Cherie Mortensen said...

I was extremely proud of all those involved, including all those who attended. The night was informative and fun.
To all those other schools out there informing the community about what you do in your school mixed with food, child care and fun activities gave the school supportive feedback in such a way we can now carry on along our road forward knowing we have parental support.
Yes, we will be presenting again!!
Thank you Lorraine for your presentation and wonderful support. Cherie Mortensen Acting Principal Pukehina School. PUKEHINA PROUD


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