Friday, March 30, 2007


Well Helloooooo Trina. Great to hear from you. Yep, things are buzzing along here and we are having a great year. Of course we do miss you and other cluster members who have gone on to new adventures. I will be looking for a new one myself next year. Have no idea what that will be but I would so love to continue doing this sort of work. Am thinking that I would even be prepared to travel away so must be addicted!

Wow great to see too that you have been checking out this blog. So cool! Please go in and add comments. Just click on the comment link which is at the bottom of each posting, type your comment in the box, add your name to the end of it, click on anonymous and then publish. It would be wonderful to see more interaction happening on the blog. That way others can benefit too.

You asked for some "Thinking Sites".... Check these out:'s%20Resource%20File/Learning%20Styles%20-%20Thinker's%20Keys.htm

Keep in touch :-)

- Lorraine

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