Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Easter and a much needed rest in Hobbiton, having left Martz at 5.30am for the long drive South. Downloaded a series of podcasts last night in preparation which I must say have given the trip flow. A real mix – Peter Kay and episodes of The Clithero Kid transported me back into an almost forgotten world – and what fun it was to be back there. Laugh out loud stuff while queuing with the early work traffic on Auckland/s harbour bridge. Great for the nostalgic mind. The Virtual Staffroom and Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat stood out to stimulate the thought processes.

Then some quiet reflection. Where am I with my blog? Why haven’t I been hitting into this more? I love the reflection time so why the gap? It isn’t as though I am not moving on. Perhaps more that I am moving too quickly. Difficult too when partner and kids complain because I’m “not on that thing again”. Hmm am I becoming addicted? Obsessed?

In the past after times of intensity I usually question myself. Why have I put so much into working? I should have taken the time off to paint, create, read, relax, walk, cruise. Yet there is still so much to explore…. How do people find time to twitter? Do they have a life beyond school or have their boundaries become completely blurred too?

This Easter I was going to….. not work, not tap those keys, not take the lappy away… Hmmm didn’t work. Why should I justify it? Am I going to live with the regret?

If it is on my mind I just have to get it off. I can. And where there is an empty gap, it gets filled again very quickly.

I have just listened to Jane Nicholls, Allanah King and co talking about twitter. Do I need it? Am I going to get in too deep? I know I just need to take the plunge, to experience the connectivity but networking takes more energy and the stimulation more desires to deepen my learning. Can my family hack it?

And all this on dial up! Providers can’t supply us with broadband. Life would be simple if they could. Perhaps that needs to be my resolve. Broadband or bust!


AllanahK said...

Go for it- Twitter rocks. Can be additive though- forgot about this podcast with Chris- it was lots of fun.

Lorraine said...

Hi Allanah

Don't you sleep either? Thank you for your encouragement. It is the addictive part that worries me. Not sure I can fit any more in ;-)

Have a great day. Your cluster are extremely lucky to have you.

Best wishes

Tom Sheehan said...

Hi Lorraine,

Twitter is aptly named.

My thoughts are that it is all very well to post what you are doing or working on etc but really do we need it ? Twitter adds to the constant state of inattention which much of this online stuff is.

My thoughts are slow the pace - do fewer things well and take control of your online self - don't be a slave to posting or bells and whistles.

I have investigated twitter and will not become a twit.

I enjoy reading your blogs Lorraine and hope you can get some broadband improvements ! Every success to you.

Room 2 said...
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Lorraine said...

Hi Tom,

Your email was reassuring and much appreciated. Thankyou. I feel more relaxed about not jumping into twitter (and the like) just yet. I do need to determine my own time frame and at the moment I seem to be sweeped away. I am working way too much. I love what I do which makes it so easy to get carried away with it all ;-).

I love your advice and yep, I do need to slow down. Hmm I am working all this wkd and next so will book in a weekend off after that!

Re Broadband - I am considering getting an aircard. Need to find out more about them and what they offer. It should make life a lot less frustrating and allow me to get more done in a shorter "working week"

Best wishes

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